Fall Playlist 2016

And the time has come for another playlist!

While my music tastes have always shifted with the seasons, I've really come to enjoy to the ritual of honing these seasonal playlists. Like a capsule wardrobe, it gives me time to reflect on each individual component (in this case, each song) -- time to both fall in love more deeply and to outgrow those which aren't destined to become lifelong favorites. On my summer playlist, for example, I eventually tired of Modest Mouse's "Dashboard," but I would happily listen to those Swiss Army Man selections on repeat for another three months. Here at the beginning, when everything is fresh and new, it's sort of fun to guess what will stick.

At the moment, as may be perfectly evident from the listing, I'm head over heels for *the bird and the bee* (yes, it's all lowercase. cute, right?) Not only did they dedicate their time to a Hall & Oates tribute album (necessary AND effective), but their at-times-ethereal, at-times-throaty vocals make for some very cool headphonage. I can't wait until it's appropriate to cue up their beautiful-weird take on "Carol of the Bells" (about 10 seconds after Thanksgiving dinner's over, right?)

Other standouts on this playlist come courtesy of my musically-inclined bestie, HH, who swapped playlists with me this summer and turned me on to the selections from Old Wave, Fran├žoise Hardy, and Charlift. Meanwhile, my obsession with God Help The Girl continues to inform everything from this playlist to my hairdo daydreams. It's almost time to donate again, you guys! I'm rockin' some serious horse hair these days. Neigh.

Happy autumn, everybody. It's friggin freezing over here, but I'll allow it. It's hard not to love this time of year.

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