July 2017 Sampler Wardrobe Outfits (A)

Welcome, July! It's hot in the city, but I'm feeling pretty cool in my new looks this month!

For this month's sampler wardrobe, I stuck with 30 pieces but made sure to strive for mixability, particularly in my host wear. To feature all of the July pieces, I realized I'd have to do four sketches instead of three, so that's why you see an extra figure here.

Nanny days call for easy-wash materials, so I aimed for lots of cotton and denim in that category this time around. My weekends lately have involved a great amount of catching up with friends, from both in and out of town, so pieces like this lightweight jumpsuit keep me comfy on long walks while upping the snazz factor. And for hosting? I'm drawn more and more toward black and white. Maybe it's the servers influencing me, but there's something unbeatable about that sophisticated contrast!

Enjoy the sun.

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