July 2017 Sampler Wardrobe Outfits (B)

I'm particularly pleased with the color harmony going on in this mini collection of outfits, mostly because it has that earth-fairy vibe I tend to gravitate toward as soon as it becomes to hot for silk shirts and sweaters. There's something so comforting to me about all those warm browns!

The secret to attaining this modern hippie, Free-People-esque look seems to exist in one concept: TEXTURE! From the folds of this easy-wear cotton dress, to the lace detailing on these weekend crop tanks, to the draping pattern play on that beloved polka-dot standout, texture is decidedly present throughout these figures.

It's this kind of symmetry that makes me a total nerd for minimal wardrobes. Mind you, it took years to actually master maintaining a palette -- even when I was developing seasonal capsules I would agonize over questions like: Should I use navy, or chocolate as my base neutral?! (Trick question; you can use all of them if you want to.) It turns out, as with most things, it took relaxing the rules a bit to finally figure the whole thing out.

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