July 2017 Sampler Wardrobe Outfits (C)

Remember that song about making new friends but holding on to your old ones? "One is silver and the other is gold," it says. Well, I'm a weirdo and sometimes I think of my clothes as friends. And this week's panel is a pretty good representation of the wide range of "friendships" going on in my closet.

The oldest item in this illustration is actually those denim shorts -- they were purchased by my mom around the time I was born, making them vintage now, I suppose. But they're fairly new to me, as only recently were they gifted to me with permission to revive them as cheeky cutoffs.

The item which has belonged to me personally for the longest time is this wonderful floral print maxi dress, which you've seen featured here before. Nearly eight years after its purchase date, it remains one of my favorite items because it checks so many of my boxes: it's comfortable, it's whimsical, it makes a statement, its made of a durable, natural fabric, it took a hunt to find it, and it was a total steal. (RIP Macy's Clearance Center of Spokane, WA... you bestowed so many gifts upon me.)

The newest item? Those amazing black trousers! I have to stop myself from wearing them to the restaurant too often. My coworkers are no doubt onto my secret, anyways: I'm basically rolling out of my pajamas every morning only to put on something just as comfortable.

Throw in these other pieces and I'm left with a neat little timeline of my personal style from the last decade or so. And you know what excites me about it? This is the good stuff. These are the pieces that have outlasted both the washing machine and my ever-changing fashion sense. It's great to see them working in tandem; histories upon histories, informing one another in their mixed memories and continually building new ones with each new wear.

July is almost over! Stay tuned for my final panel and a word on what to expect on Inspirsession for August.

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