A Wish Your Heart Makes



Last Sunday I was called out for a Cinderella party, and I found it very difficult to shed the costume afterward. There are some days you just feel like a princess, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Initially, I set up the camera to take hair reference shots, but then I found myself having way more fun than anticipated. I hope you enjoy the results!

Fashion cues we can all take from Cinderella:
   -The secret to a fabulous updo is volume, volume, volume.
   -A simple black choker can do wonders for your neck.
   -If your headband is missing, fashion one out of a necklace.
   -Never underestimate the instant class of elbow-length gloves.
   -Don't let mice sew for you. Get that shiz couture from your Fairy Godmother.

Have a beautiful day!



It's a telltale sign when I'm featuring outfits from five years ago that I'm swamped! Sadly my blog's taken a backseat to welcoming in the New Year and all its insanities. Until I get my head screwed on straight again, I hope you enjoy another Throwback post!

Back in freshman year, when I was still getting to know the city, my college friends and I used the holidays as an excuse to dress up and bus out to brunch -- usually to The Original Pancake House, which is Ihop's classy older sister.

For these chance outings, I could never resist unveiling one of my wardrobe wildebeests -- a bold minidress, a bright pair of tights, some chunky heels... In this case, though, I guess I pulled out all the stops. In wild defiance of the no-black-with-brown rule, I've punked up my tweed shorts with a leather jacket. My crimped hair could give Tapanga Lawrence a run for her money. The neon blue leopard print tights are really bringing out the 80s in my prized 'Roo boots (which I "rescued" from the TJ Maxx clearance rack and still can't bear to part with even though this is probably the last time they graced my feet.) And apparently I've decided this is also a right-fine day to feign wifehood.

I invite this wild abandon to absorb you in the coming weekend, you foxy souls. Find the wildest things you own and wear them. Wear them all at once.

Boots: KangaROOS
Shorts: Old Navy
Blouse: unknown

Tights: unknown   
Bag: Old Navy
Leather Jacket: Big Chill Vintage


Winter Inspiration: Days Gone By

I've always felt like a bit of an old soul in this world. I've told you before about my obsession with The Beatles nearly 40 years after the fact. Then there's my current tendency to enjoy knitting, crosswords, and board games over parties. I've always kept a journal, and as a kid I'd spent hours locked away in my room covering its pages. I sometimes swapped out friends for trees, and I never really understood team sports. I've always been more interested in music, movies, and fashions that came before my time, rather than current trends.

Does this mean I lived a life before this one? Could I have walked the cobbled streets of London when they clattered with horse hooves? Did I see World War I? Might I have been around when the British Invasion actually happened? I'm not sure what I believe about reincarnation, but I do feel we transport certain energies when we are born and when we die.

In any case, nostalgia continues to haunt me as much as it always has -- and I always feel it most in the winter.


Throwback Thursday: One Skirt, Three Tops


Today's throwback post features the befringed dorm-rat that was me in my first two years of college. In 2010, Seattle was well into the throes of the hipster-chic scene, and I counted myself among the year's wreckage. 

I found this skirt about halfway through freshman year, on my first ever visit to Forever 21. The black patent leather BCBG heels were a Christmas present, and almost brand new when these photos were taken. Yet another defeat on my search for the perfect black heel, they ended up being nicer to look at than to wear, and their near-to-ground peeptoes didn't do me any favors in the Seattle rain. I was always much happier in my trusty hightops. Either way, tights were a mandatory accent -- the sheer black nylons are evidence of long-time my Rachel Green obsession.

For me, the answer to a high-waisted skirt has always been layers. One layer to tuck in, one to leave out. The latter should extend past the waist and fall just short of the skirt's hemline. It's also best if it's something you can leave open -- this will create verticals, and ensure you don't look like an Oompa Loompa. A basic blazer, oversized vest, or long cardigan (as you see above) are all excellent options.

Party on with your bad skirt. Happy Thursday.

Vest: vintage
Blazer: thrifted
Cardigan: thrifted
Tank: Gap  
Skirt: Forever 21
Heels: BCBG
Sneakers: Chuck Taylor
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


Winter Playlist 2014

So far, 2014 has made me yearn for sweet guitar chords and sweeter harmonies. To me, this some of the best music for winter, because it makes you want to get up and go, sing along, and sink into it all at once. One playlist that allows me to transition from driving to work to getting coffee to working out to writing in my journal is, to me, the perfect remedy to everything awful with the world (namely winter weather in the Pacific Northwest.)

Happy Snuggles / Sniffles / Hotschnaplettes!


Phrases I Can't Stand

I consider myself a steadfast lover of the English language, but there are a few cliche phrases that make me want to punch something whenever they're put into use.

For some reason, several of these abhorrences show up frequently on television shows. That makes me hate them even more, because I know they're coming from the pens of well-paid writers (or, let's be real, a cheeky producer that decided it sounded "more realistic.")

Without further adieu, here are some colloquialisms you should never use around me, if you value your face:

1) "We're all adults here."

The person who uses this phrase is almost always someone who you just know came out of the womb considering themselves an "adult."

2) "I'm just asking for a liiiiiiittle bit of ______."

Regardless of what the fill-in-the-blank is here, I'm betting I don't want to give it to you. Even a liiiiiittle bit. Please note the extra i's, because this phrase is almost always said in that pushy soccer mom voice that makes the word little sound little. Sometimes they'll even do the finger thing. You know what I'm talking about.

3) "I'll tell you what..."

I should clarify -- I'm not referring to situations like this: "I'll tell you what, Suzy... if you eat all your potatoes, then you'll get your ice cream." This is a wonderful sentence. Especially the ice cream part. No, I'm talking about this: "I'll tell you what, I really hate when people attempt to confirm your attention with 'I'll tell you what.'" I'm ALREADY LISTENING TO YOU. Just tell me what's what and then you don't have to tell me what before you tell me... what. What?

4) "I'm not gonna lie..."

Oh good, I'm so glad you've chosen this one particular moment to be honest with me. THANK YOU, FRIEND.

5) "Do you want to ______?"

Again, there are times this phrase can be finished acceptably. For example: "Do you want to get a tub of ice cream and enjoy it together?" "Do you want to come with me to this rockin' 80s dance party?" "Do you want to make cookies?" (The answer is always yes.) In most situations, though, this is a cleverly disguised demand which you rarely have a choice in whatsoever.* I'm talking about the kind that ought to finish with "for me." Consider: "Do you want to file these papers (for me)?" "Do you want to take your car (so we don't have to take mine)?" "Do you want to take your feet off that coffee table (for my sanity)?" Don't pretend like you're asking my opinion when you're really asking me for favors.

*Admittedly, since I learned the power of this phrase at work, I've started using it to my own advantage. Guilty as charged.

Speak classy, kids.


Tea Time

I Heart London

Today I'm dreaming of London. Of union jacks and Beatle boots... of Picadilly pocket watches and overpriced nail polish... 
Of so much black
and underground
and rain.


Don't Make Me Blush




It's old-meets-new over here in my closet. I'm rediscovering this ballerina skirt of yore, and I'm totally in love with my new anorak coat (a black Friday steal which became a Christmas present.) It's chic in an effortless, casual sort of way, which I think is great.

The over-sized raglan sweater is from a few seasons ago, but I'm having trouble parting with it because it reminds me of London. I told myself if I wanted to keep it, I’d have to find three new ways to wear it. Usually I'd shy away from this sort of silhouette – since I’m short, pairing bulk with bulk can make me look stocky – but the anorak's vertical lines even everything out. Lucky for me, cranberry and pink pair well with forest green!

Maybe it's the heart locket talking, but I'm starting to think this outfit might resurface around Valentine's Day...

Anorak: Old Navy
Sweater: H&M 
Skirt: DKNY
Blouse: thrifted
Boots: thrifted
Locket: unknown
Necklace: American Eagle


Wino Forever

A confession: I have fallen head over heels for this shade of red. Burgundy? Maroon? Rosewood? I like "Wine," personally. I think it captures the sophistication of the hue. After unearthing an old nail polish in this tone, I went shopping and came home with wine tights, a wine skirt, and daydreams of Valentine wine in this "port" scalloped dress.

Wine pairs well with lighter muted colors -- dusty blues, warm beige, creams, roses, and rich browns -- but my favorite is with the stunning jade of this Buddha. Simply elegant!

(Obviously my other favorite is in a glass, on its way to my belly, but that goes without saying.)


2013 Tidbits

Happy Happy New Year! 

From pumpkins to pincurls to Paul Mc Cartney; delicious desserts, winsome wigs, horror films, fashion photos, baby love; Tinkerbells and wedding bells; princesses and apple pies -- the challenges that this year presented certainly brought rewards in their wake. 

Farewell, 2013!